Cheers to 2020!

December 15, 2020

Cheers to 2020!

Ken was back behind the bar - again! - as host at the Fellowship for British Hairdressing's festive livestreamed awards.

An Evening with the Fellowship, hosted by Ken and Fellowship Chancellor Ashleigh Hodges, was a fun-packed night of celebration, awards and a look back at what has been a truly remarkable year.

“Usually around this time of year, our Fellowship members would be coming together in a fancy ballroom somewhere on Park Lane, drinking Champagne, winning awards and celebrating as a community,” said Ken in his opening speech. “But with the ongoing challenges of social distancing, this year we’ve decided to bring the party to you instead!”

“We all know this has been a difficult year for our industry,” he continued. “From salon owners and our staff to session stylists, the list goes on. But what I’ve loved is how we’ve stayed strong as a community and come together more than ever. Out of difficult situations come fresh perspectives, new ideas and most importantly, creativity – which is exactly what we’re celebrating tonight.”

Together, Ken and Ashleigh handed out awards, interviewed (socially distant!) guests and rounded out the year with the fun, friendship and creativity that the Fellowship is best known for.

You can rewatch An Evening with the Fellowship here!