Discover Carita & Essie

May 04, 2016

Discover Carita & Essie

Following our recent interior refurbishment, we have since introduced two major skincare and nailcare brands: Carita and Essie. What makes those brands so special and why did we fall in love with their products? Find out below!



Preserving beauty over time, correcting imperfections of the skin, illuminating the complexion...these are the aims of Carita ultimate high-performance skin care. Carita represents cutting edge, anti-aging technology within the world of beauty. The luxurious textures and Carita's avant-garde expertise has made them a leader in unique and effective skincare. A combination of the highest quality ingredients and professional knowledge has created a number of tailor-made collections to impart superior anti-ageing ingredients, for the ultimate prevention against time. 

Our Carita range in salon consists of an exclusive selection of products targeted to specific skin concerns. We will also be introducing a variety of Carita facials and other professional Carita treatments.



This iconic American brand allows women all over the world to express themselves with unique and whimsical color names. Essie nail polish offers more than 250 color shades and the collection keeps on growing! The brand's multiple prize winning formula is known for its “no-chip” properties, assuring perfect long-lasting coverage. A charming, whimsical and distinct name is given to each color to show-off the personality captured by this color.

We curently have hundreds of different Essie colours in stock. But that's not all; in addition to Shellac, we're now proud to offer Essie Gel, giving you more choice for your nails' specific needs. Why not try the Essie nailcare range? Designed to nourish your nails with expert nail polish treatments, the fantastic formulas will let you achieve the perfect at-home manicure.