Ken Picton named #mrpresident of the Fellowship

April 14, 2019

Ken Picton named #mrpresident of the Fellowship

Ken Picton is delighted to announce that he has been named President of the Fellowship for British Hairdressing. This venerable institution represents the very best of British hairdressing talent and over the last 70 years, has launched the careers of some the industry’s most iconic names.

As President of the Fellowship, Ken will play an integral part in shaping the organisation, spearheading exciting new projects and continuing to grow and develop the membership. With several inspirational new schemes underway, one thing Ken is passionate about is celebrating the Fellowship’s digital presence in order to reach a bigger audience and showcase all that’s brilliant about British hairdressing globally.

“I joined the Fellowship 25 years ago,” says Ken. “And over the years some incredible people have been the figurehead. To be amongst them is incredibly exciting and very humbling, and to be recognised by my industry peers is an honour. I have always been involved in the creative side of the Fellowship, but over the last few years, I’ve made a move to get more involved. I joined the Council and was part of the Finance Committee, before becoming Chancellor two years ago.

“I want to make the Fellowship more diverse and inclusive, so it encapsulates everything that’s great about hairdressing. We need to stay current and relevant, but also creative as that’s the heart of our industry. I’m passionate about staying true to our ethic of education, and want to continue to develop our schemes as the ultimate opportunities in hairdressing. We need to make the Fellowship the established voice of hairdressing and grow awareness amongst more people, both within the industry and outside it. I have lots of ideas, and a clear path of where I think we need to go.”