Ken Picton Travels: Chile and Peru

April 14, 2016

Ken Picton Travels: Chile and Peru

Ken Picton and Paul Dennison have just returned from their 12 day cut & colour adventure. Travelling from country to country, delivering exceptional seminars and leading inspirational workshops, the duo have proved yet again how inspiring their educative shows are to people all over the world.


During their time in Chile, Peru Ken and Paul took to the stage at the L’Oreal Academy on their first day and did an inspiring four-hour seminar in front of the Chilean L’Oreal ambassadors. 

Over the next few days, our travelers took up the challenge of prepping 12 models for a show, including both cut and colour. The duo was greeted on stage with a beaming crowd and a photo frenzy! 

The dream team had a chance to provide a cut & colour workshop, creating an opportunity for over 60 students to gain insight by learning and work on tuition heads under Ken and Paul’s supervision.

Their last day in Chile included yet another seminar at the Academy which lead them onto a flight to Peru shortly afterwards…


Lima, Peru greeted Ken and Paul with a model casting at the Academy first, then a seminar delivered to the Peruvian L’Oreal ambassadors up until 9pm.

Their next show was in a spectacular theatre right in the centre of Lima. This included six different cut/colour/style demonstrations total throughout the day.

Making the most out of their only day off, the guys took advantage of the nearby pool followed by a city tour of the beautiful Lima.

Like the calm before a storm, up next was time to prep 12 models, for their final, 2-hour show on the sea in front of a staggering 600 people!

Wrapping it up was the last masterclass, before heading straight back home…



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