#kptravels Indonesia

March 23, 2017

#kptravels Indonesia

Art Team Take Over Jakarta

Salon Director Zoe Williams and Colour Director Paul Dennison recently travelled to Jakarta with L’Oreal Professional to launch the game-changing Smartbond to the Indonesian market. Here they tell us all about their time in our latest #kptravels diary.

Zoe says, “Paul and I were lucky enough to be invited by L’Oreal to launch Smartbond in Jakarta. As well as a series of academy seminars, we also did a show in the beautiful ballroom of the Ritz Carlton.”

Paul continues, “Upon touchdown in Jakarta, our first stop (after dropping off our bags) was a dinner meeting with Indra from the L’Oreal team where we ran through the format for the show. Day two saw us prepping our 12 models, we wanted to incorporate a mixture of techniques so we did a mixture of long and shot ladies’ cuts, 2 men’s and 2 more session inspired looks. Day three was show day, we started rehearsals at 8am and whilst Zoe did the finishing touches to make sure everything was perfect, I did a press conference for the Indonesian press, discussing Smartbond. 6pm rolled around and before we knew it, we were onstage in front of 400 hairdressers.”

Of the show, Zoe says “The show was an incredible production, including choreographed dancers and a huge video mapped stage. We presented a runway show of 12 models, as well as demonstrating cutting and colouring techniques on 3 models. The aim was to show the benefits and the freedom we have using Smartbond for in-salon transformations.”

The show was so successful that Paul says, “ I was told that in excess of $15,000 worth of Smartbond was purchased after the show! We then did 3 days worth of workshops teaching modern approaches to salon-friendly, usable techniques.”

Zoe finishes by saying, “It was a wonderful opportunity to go to Indonesia and spend time in the vibrant, cosmopolitan city of Jakarta. I can’t say thankyou enough to the team there at L’Oreal for their hospitality and hard work!”