LCT 2017 Finalists

March 28, 2017

LCT 2017 Finalists

We are thrilled to announce that we have made it through to the next round of the L'Oreal Colour trophy in two categories. 

Harriet will be representing Ken Picton Salon for the: L'Oreal Colour Trophy Award

Scott will be representing Ken PictonSalon for the: L'Oreal Colour Trophy Men's Image Award

What is the L'Oreal Colour Trophy?

L'Oréal Colour Trophy, the longest running live hairdressing competition in the world, is back again to showcase some of the brightest hairdressing talents across the country, whilst ensuring that hairdressers nationwide are continually inspired to celebrate ‘Hair Inspired by Fashion’.

The L’Oréal Colour Trophy has evolved from its origin 62 years ago, growing from only 300 attendees in 1954 to now welcoming thousands more of the industry’ greatest talents. L’Oréal Colour Trophy continues to inspire the industry around the world, giving new salons the chance to unleash their star!