Three Hair Hacks That You Just Can't Miss!

February 09, 2018

Three Hair Hacks That You Just Can't Miss!

Our new Salon Director Matthew has been sharing his top hair hacks with us - try this tips for salon styles at home...
Hair hack no1:
Waves That Last:

Curl your hair.
Once the hair is curled, twist all of your hair in the same direction and create a bun using bobby pins to secure.
Make your way to your destination!
When you have arrived at your destination, remove the bobby pins to reveal smooth and tangle free waves!

Hair hack no2:
Push Down Waves:
To create long soft waves, keep your ghd styler in a vertical position with the tip pointing down. 
Then, take a box section 1 inch high and wide placing the hair between the plates and turn your styler 180 degrees.
Push the styler towards the ground, continue with this technique on the rest of your hair. 
Once complete work through a wide tooth comb to smooth and complete your wavy locks. 

Hair hack no3:
Power Pony:
Smooth out your hair with your ghds
Take out the crown section and start back-comb at the roots of your crown.
You will then want to add power or dust to texturise the hair.
Next, gather all of your hair together and position it in the nape of the neck and tie with a hair bobble.
Take a section of the pony tail and wrap it around the hair bobble to hide it. 
Use hair spray to set the hair and then you’re all ready to go!