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Hair Extensions (Great Lengths)


Invisible applications, maximum comfort and protection for the natural hair.

For over 25 years Great Lengths has been a point of reference for technological innovation, as a result of the ongoing research aiming to ensure an increasingly comfortable and safe service.

The most popular of our applications, perfect to add length, volume or colour effects. The ideal solution for people who are looking for premium hair extensions with an invisible and seamless application, lasting from 4 to 6 months with appropriate care and maintenance.
With GL Pre Bonded hair extensions, the hairstylist can achieve any kind of result: lengthening, thickening, sides application, highlights, lowlights and also updos.

They are designed to create a fuller effect and long luxurious hair thanks to a fast application. Suitable for adding volume, length and color effects, they can easily work also for changing hairstyles and are a reliable basis for updos. The medical grade adhesive strip is designed not to cause any tension and feels completely flat on the head.
The upper side of the tape is sealed to prevent hair care products and water to affect in any way the inner structure of the tape. It reduces also hair extensions sliding from the tape itself.
GL Tapes are very flexible and can be used as double or single tapes. They provide unprecedented durability and can be reused up to 3 times. It is recommended to re-applying GL Tapes after approximately 6-8 weeks to ensure they remain invisible.
Available in 4 sizes in natural shades (10”, 14”, 18”, 22”), in 12’’, 16”, 20’’ in rooted, piano, and fashion, and in 16’’ and 20’’ in bronde.








An evolution in straightening and repair that brings new life to your hair, even after years of damage. It rebuilds the keratin and adds strength, elasticity and moisture, resulting in smooth, shiny, straight hair. 
Short from  £ 150.00
Medium from £ 200.00 
Long from  £ 250.00


Luxury treatments

Discover the ultimate in hair and scalp remedies. A uniquely sensorial experience to deliver exceptional tailor-made hair and scalp treatments.


The unique art of Kérastase’s exclusive routine brings out hair’s inner radiance. These in-salon ritual treatments include a one-on-one consultation and hair diagnostic conducted by a haircare professional, for a truly customized and unique service. Textures are refined and reveal delicate, addictive fragrances. While rituals provide gentle, deep massages that completely relax mind and body.

Shu Uemura

Tea ceremonies were invented in Japan as the atmost demonstration of respect and rare quality. It symbolises the paragram of presicion, aestetics and a philosophy of constantly aiming for perfection. Mirroring the tea ceremony Shu Uemura Art of Hair beauty ceremony is an exclusive treatment for unique made-to-measure care and a sensorial journey.  
Treatments from  £12.50

Special hair care and everything else in between. We are here!